About "Love City Rise Up!"

Good day everyone!

We are very excited to announce that on September 6th, the 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Irma, a CD single will be released in St. John entitled “Love City Rise Up!”. This song was written and produced by Dean Doeling as a tribute to the islanders of St. John and their amazing resiliency through Hurricane Irma and beyond. The most amazing part of this song, is that it includes some of the finest voices and musicians on St. John.

“Love City Rise Up!” was the brain child of Dean Doeling in Portland Oregon. You may remember Dean from his ongoing commitment to bringing sports and fitness to the island youth through his Using Sport For Social Change initiative and the free “Just Play” event held every October for the island’s youth.

The basic tracks were recorded in Portland Oregon with the help of Dean’s many musician friends and donated recording studio time. The lead vocals and backing vocals however, were reserved for some of St. John’s finest talent. There are over 14 individual St. John vocalists and 3 separate St. John choirs who have donated their talents to “Love City Rise Up!”.

Speaking of “donating”, Dean Doeling is donating all proceeds from the sale of “Love City Rise Up!” to all non-profit entities on St. John who have helped in the recovery since Hurricane Irma and Maria.

We are asking your help in pre-ordering as many CD’s as you can. Each CD wholesales for $8.00each. Remember, all proceeds will be donated to all 501c3 entities on St. John who helped in the recent hurricane recovery.

This CD comes in a beautiful high quality full color sleeve, and contains a full color printed disc. The sleeve itself contains the songs lyrics, photos and also lists who each individual artist is that donated their talents to this song.